Guided tour of the prison museum

Guided tour provided to individuals

A museum guide explains key points of the exhibits. Feel free to join a guided tour. No reservation is necessary.
Free guided tour
(3 times a day)
  • Period: Apr. 21 - Oct. 20
  • Starting time: 10:00, 11:30, and 14:30
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Gathering spot: Administration Building of the original Abashiri Prison

Guided tour on which visitors ride a powered cart

In May 2012, we began tentatively providing a guided tour on which visitors can ride a powered cart. As a general rule, this guided tour is available to elderly and disabled patrons, and to their helpers.
  • Seating: 4
  • Fee: 510 yen per person
  • Period: May - Oct.

Every guided tour starts at the Administration Building of the original Abashiri Prison.

Please be sure to come to the Administration Building by the designated time.
The Administration Building is the large white building that you see after passing through the main gate in front of the entrance of the museum.