Agricultural Storehouse

  • Reconstructed
  • Construction: 1891
  • Reconstruction: 2002
  • Floor area: 77.76m²
Abashiri Prison is well known nationwide for farming by inmates. When farming started at the prison, technical officials who studied at what is now the Hokkaido University School of Agriculture were recruited to introduce modern American agricultural practices. The farming relied on advanced agricultural techniques.
Farms were developed not only on the premises of the prison. In the suburbs of Abashiri, Futamigaoka Farm, Kohan Farm and Sumiyoshi Farm were established. Abashiri Prison was the only prison in Japan to own paddy fields. In recognition of the agricultural production by the inmates, the Ministry of Justice designated Abashiri Prison as a “prison specially equipped with farming facilities” in 1922. This agricultural storehouse was used to keep farming machinery and fertilizers.