Basic Information

Abashiri Prison Museum

The Abashiri Prison Museum is an outdoor museum of history where buildings of the original Abashiri Prison are conserved and exhibited. Abashiri Prison and the City of Abashiri have maintained close relationships since the Meiji era (1868-1912). The museum is on the side of Mt. Tento, facing Lake Abashiri, in a scenic area of Abashiri Quasi-national Park. The site area is 3.5 times as large as Tokyo Dome. At the museum, community-based activities are conducted every day in order to improve the museum as a "universal museum".


9:00 - 17:00
*Admission until 16:00
Closed days: 12/31 - 1/1

Admission fee including tax

Adult 1,500 yen
Senior high school 1,000 yen
Elementary/ junior high school student 750 yen
Group rate 20% discount for a group of 20 or more
Rate for the elderly and the disabled 750 yen
Rate for Abashiri citizens 20% discount
Online discount coupon 10% discount
Note: Discounts cannot be used in combination.

Online discount coupon

For a 10% discount, present the coupon shown at right at the ticket counter. You can print out the coupon, or display one on the screen of your mobile phone.
Note: A group of visitors can receive a 10% discount with one online discount coupon.

Rate for the elderly, the disabled and Abashiri residents

  • The rate for the disabled applies to those who show a physical disability certificate, an intellectual disability certificate, or a mental disability certificate at the ticket counter.
  • The rate for Abashiri residents applies to those who show proof of residence at the ticket counter.

Free parking

The two parking areas accommodate 400 cars and also feature space reserved for 21 buses, space reserved for the disabled, and space for motorbikes.


The Abashiri Prison Museum is about 4km from JR Abashiri Station.

  • 40 min. on foot
  • 7 min. by car
  • 10 min. by bus
Please visit the website of Abashiri Bus Co., Ltd. for the latest timetable and for bus delay information.

Abashiri Prison Museum is about 18.5km from Memanbetsu Airport.

  • 20 min. by car
Buses departing the airport go to JR Abashiri Station. Please transfer to a local bus at the station.


Many of the old prison buildings at the Abashiri Prison Museum are wooden buildings that were constructed more than 100 years ago. Your cooperation in keeping these cultural assets in good condition is greatly appreciated.
  • Smoking is prohibited in every building.
  • Thank you for your cooperation in separating trash according to the rules of Abashiri that took effect in 2005. There are no trash cans in the parking areas.
  • Photographing and videotaping are allowed in the museum, but please inquire at the head office about the commercial use of photos (e.g., use in publications or video pictures for sale.)
  • No behaviors that inconvenience other visitors are allowed.
  • Please refrain from bringing any dangerous objects onto the premises.
  • In the event that visitors deliberately damage, deface, or scribble on any of the buildings or materials, the museum will seek compensation from these visitors. Thank you for your understanding.
  • In April 2009, the museum made it a rule not to allow visitors to bring their pets or other small animals onto the premises. Visitors with support dogs (guide/ service/ hearing dogs) are welcome.