"Barrier-free" facilities

We’ve been promoting universal design at the Abashiri Prison Museum.
For example, slopes were added to the entrance of every building for wheelchair accessibility, and universal design features were added to restrooms. However, it was difficult to introduce universal design to some parts of the old prison buildings that were relocated and restored or reconstructed, because of the need to maintain the architectural features of the old prison. The garden area is on the sloping land of Abashiri Quasi-national Park, so full-scale land improvement was not conducted. Consequently, garden paths are partly sloped. Currently, handrails are being installed along the paths at relatively steep slopes.
  • We have ten free wheelchairs for visitors. In the second parking area, there is space for four vehicles that is exclusively for wheelchair users.
  • Visitors with a guide dog, a hearing dog or another service dog are welcome.
Please contact us for more information, if necessary, before visiting the museum.

Free rental

Wheelchairs 10 wheelchairs (Please ask for a wheelchair at the information desk.)
Baby strollers Same as above
Umbrellas Please feel free to use the umbrellas provided at the entrance.

For visitors with young children

  • There's a diaper changing table in every restroom. Some restroom stalls are large enough for a mother and a young child to use together.
  • We have ten baby strollers that are available to visitors for free. (The strollers are for babies 2 - 24 months old.)

Coin-operated lockers

There are coin-operated lockers in the Arbor adjacent to the museum. Visitors can use the lockers until the museum closes for the day. The cost is 100 yen per locker. In the event that your baggage is too large for the lockers, please ask the information desk for assistance.

Post box

Visitors can drop letters in the post box on the premises of the museum. (Mail is collected from the post box daily.)

Wi-Fi (Internet connection)

Visitors can connect to Wi-Fi for free for up to 15 minutes each time. The free Wi-Fi connection is available up to two times or 30 minutes.
In and around the Kangoku Cafeteria, there is free Wi-Fi.