Prison meals

Prison meals have been eaten only behind prison walls.

Some of the "secret meals" that are provided to prison inmates at the current Abashiri Prison are offered to visitors who wish to enjoy a prison lunch at Abashiri Prison Museum. Prison meals are served at a cafeteria in one of the buildings of the Futamigaoka Branch . Visitors who try the prison meals say they're surprisingly delicious. Why not try one of these "secret meals"?

The cafeteria, a nationally important cultural property

The cafeteria of the Futamigaoka Branch is an important building that was designated as a tangible cultural property in July 2005. It was built in 1896. Despite the risk of damage to the building, the Abashiri Prison Museum has the basic idea that the building should be used by visitors so that they can have hands-on experience and think of the history of the prison. In the cafeteria of the Futamigaoka Branch, windows with wooden bars, used folding chairs and orderly rows of conference tables create a bleak, prison-like atmosphere. Ten mannequins in the prison uniform that inmates wore in the Meiji era (1868-1912) are placed to show visitors how inmates used to eat.

These are the prison meals.

Rice and barley (barley:rice= 3:7), grilled fish (Pacific saury or Atka mackerel), a small dish, a mid-sized dish and miso soup. These meals are similar to those that are served to prison inmates for lunch at the current Abashiri Prison. At the prison, coarse tea is served instead of miso soup.

Prison meal A (Pacific saury): 720 yen

Prison meal B (Atka mackerel): 820 yen

Place & Time

Cafeteria of the Futamigaoka Branch No longer in business
Bangaichi Shokudo Diner 11:00 - 15:30
(last call: 14:30)
Note: A group of ten or more people wishing to have a prison meal is recommended to make reservations to ensure that the meal is served in an expeditious manner. Please use the inquiry form for reservations.