• Reconstructed
  • Construction: 1912
  • Reconstruction: 1983
  • Floor area: 208.22m²
Bath time was the highlight of the day for inmates. In Abashiri Prison, a modern bathhouse was built in 1912. The tub was made of concrete, and a boiler was used to heat water.
From a given workplace in the prison, 15 inmates at a time took 15 minutes to bathe. At the the guard's command, they spent 3 minutes for each of the following: taking off their clothes, soaking in the tub, washing themselves, soaking in another tub and putting their clothes back on. The inmates bathed efficiently, but only about 200 inmates could bathe per day.
The prison rules in earlier years specified that inmates bathe five times a month in the period from June through September and once a month in other months. Currently, inmates are allowed to bathe every other day.