Courthouse of the Abashiri Branch of the Kushiro Regional Court

  • Rebuilt at a new location
  • Construction: 1952
  • Reconstruction: 1993
  • Floor area: 1,142.82m²
Before the buildings of the Abashiri Branch of the Kushiro District Court and the Abashiri Summary Court were demolished to make way for new buildings, several rooms of the old buildings were moved to their current location. These rooms are as follows: the single-judge court, in which one judge made decisions on minor offenses; the full court, in which a bench of three pronounced judgments on felonious crimes; the consultation room, in which a bench of three discussed formal objections that had been voiced in full court and on which prompt decisions had not been made; the temporary detention room, in which defendants waited until their court appearance; and the detention and questioning room, in which judges asked questions to defendants or suspects to decide whether to keep them in custody.
The external appearance of the Abashiri Branch, which was used from 1900 through 1952, has been reproduced in this building. The rooms that have been moved into the building had been used in court buildings from 1952 through 1991. The height and other dimensions of these rooms have been adjusted. Furnishings such as desks, chairs, lighting fixtures and curtains were actually used in court rooms before.